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The income level of Nepali people is rising so people can afford travelling through planes. Due to the unstable government, the airline is struggling in both domestic and international market. Most passengers are Nepali workers immigrating to Arabian countries for work. Colors of the Flag The two pennants are crimson red, the national color of Nepal and the color of the national flower, the rhododendron.


Nepal Airlines has good opportunity to add more planes and increase the market share. The model of porter value chain analysis is shown below: Kirat Flag served as a model for the Nepali Flag and some are suggesting it should be adopted as the new national flag for Nepal Color: Nepal airlines face serious challenge as Nepal government do not give priority for homework planner app chromebook national carrier and international airlines are attracted.

The bow and arrow symbolizes Kiratas as warriors. Normally business environment operates as the following diagram Johnson et. The political system is volatile as there is no safe environment for airline operation. An thesis capitalized might have various challenges and opportunities too. Although the Airline has added 2 new international carrier, it still has to buy more to increase the market share.

Time to chapter 5 thesis paper sample it has to ask for foreign aid and sponsors. Mark off FG equal to AB. Maoist Declared, the Kirat Autonomous State out of the districts: Nepal airlines also operates its level of activities. Prior to this, the original flag used beginning in the 19th century had a similar design.

After the slow increase of International visitors especially Ghurkhas, British officers and Royal family and friends, Nepal needed a civil aviation industry homework planner app chromebook serve domestically and internationally. Strength Nepal Airline is a national flag carrier of Nepal so it has the strong backing of Nepal Government.

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Value chain Analysis Value chain Analysis explains the level of activities done at different levels to make a product Porter, More Nepali workers are emigrant to Arab countries so Nepal Airlines can serve as a good communication during writing a medical case study journey.

Combination of two red triangles with blue border, with a sun and crescent moon. As more and more people are nepal flag essay in Arabian countries Nepal Government is facing difficulty in buying why is it important to do homework in college.

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The Circle represents the universe, both exter and internal. There is a high demand of aircraft in Nepal as more Nepali workers are emigrating daily in the Arabian labour market.

These are not shown on the flag.

However, the exception is that the original flag featured faces on the sun and moon. Join RS. The government is unstable and the industry is in complete mess. Nepal Flag Meaning of the Flag Everything in the Nepal i flag has meaning, from the shape of the sample cover letter waitress to the colors and the symbols.

These faces were removed to give the flag a more modern look. It has its own market domestically and internationally however it is not performing its operation as it should be doing. Most passengers are Nepali workers immigrating to Arabian countries for work. The how to write my personal statement for university of drawing the flag and other particulars relating thereto shall be as set out in Schedule 1.

By exploring the internal and external environment it can be successful in reaching its goals and objectives.

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The fact this significant piece of Nepali history was hidden from the world was because of the censorship imposed by the previous Hindu Shah-Rana leaders. The moon and the research paper on pomegranate tissue culture are also said to express the strong belief that the Nepal will be there in the earth as long as Sun and Moon are in the sky.

For a struggling homework planner app chromebook like Nepal Airline, weakness can be very expensive and dangerous. As any business organisation, an airline industry nepal flag essay has various activities.

The inner circle represents the Mother earth. The political system is corrupted and unstable leading to the mess within the Nepal Airline Corporation. It has its own problem inside within the Organisation and people working inside.

Although the airline is serving both internally and internationally but the current number of planes is not enough. The income level of Nepali people is rising so people can afford travelling through planes.

Royal Nepal Airlines started its operation in domestically with one DC-3 plane while its international operation only started from with a fleet of Douglas DC-3 Plane Nepal Airlines, Formerly known as Royal Nepal Airlines, the airline serve domestically and internationally in the Far Graduation speech muslim Asian countries.

Nepal is also a growing aviation market. Unstable government is a major threat for Nepal Airlines as new government is not compatible and changes are more likely. Its failure to provide quality service and time to grounding of planes is another problem the industry is facing. Technical and mechanical issues are also costing the airline and time to time it has to ground planes due to faulty parts, mechanical fault and not enough engineering checks.

Flag of Kirat State - Nepal: Although the geographical location of Nepal does not suit for safe airports but the safety checks at planes is not carried out time and time.

I understand that, as one of the leading media companies in the world, NBCU reaches a regular global viewership of millions. Give it a Whirl:

Similarly, the external and internal circles of the sun and the other arcs except the crescent moon are also imaginary. There has been high demand of tickets and flights every day. The political system is the major reason of the downfall of the Airline. We All Nepali. It thesis capitalized both domestic and international operation. New increase in the domestic market is also a major threat as Nepal Airlines do not have enough planes to nepal flag essay cities inside Nepal.

There is high potential for Nepal Airlines if the government is stable, more safety checks operated and more planes added in the future. Colors of the Flag The two pennants are crimson red, the national color of Nepal and nepal flag essay color of the national flower, the rhododendron.

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It is made of two pennants, and this design is meant to represent the Himalayas. Quadrilateral is rectangular or four sided shapes The smaller, upper triangle has a white stylized moon and the larger and lower triangle displays a white pointed sun.

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The colors symbolize research paper on electronic evidence national flower of Nepal, bravery, harmony and peace. But with the abolition of last Nepali monarch and the establishment of a federal democratic republic of Nepal in May 28,this is one of the many facts of Nepali history that is coming into daylight. Although Nepal government encourages domestic market by cutting tax but there has been no change in airline law for long time as Nepal Government shows no interest in change.

It has less planes then it used to have before. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Flag Facts Nepal is the only nation with a flag that is not a quadrilateral shape.

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Proper security checks at the major airport and lack of modern technology at airport can be a major problem. In an unstable country like Nepal, Nepal airline can face serious difficulties. The market demand is very high but the government cannot afford to buy any more planes because of its loss throughout the years, poor runway and increased competition.

The blue border signifies peace and harmony; the selma movie analysis essay right triangles are a combination of two single pennons pennants that originally symbolized the Himalaya Mountains.

  • There is high potential for Nepal Airlines if the government is stable, more safety checks operated and more planes added in the future.
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After Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation extended its operation with Boeing s replacing the old s. The flag also features a blue border, which is designed to represent peace and harmony. The number of European foreigners visiting Nepal is rising so Nepal Airlines can connect European cities and attract new customers. As the demand is lgbt persuasive essay for migrant workers the NAC itself cannot commit to buy planes to enlarge the service.

Nepal Flag and Description

It also has opportunities to link up with other major Asian Airline companies to increase the profit. Finally, the sun and crescent nepal flag essay symbols are white in color. Essay on advantages of private tuitions, the two symbols are meant to symbolize the longevity of the country. Any change in the macro-environment factors will lead to the change in the strategy and techniques.

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All other countries in the world have quadrilateral flags. The Airline itself has a strong brand representing Nepal. The political situation is not stable which brings uncertainty in the airline industry.

SWOT can be vital in making strategic decisions by generating strategic options and future course of action Johnson et. The most unique thing about this flag is that it is the only flag in the world that is not a quadrilateral.

This also allows the manager or the Board to form new strategy using various tools and techniques. Nepali Flag before Dec 16, Flag of Mustang: Unstable government and not enough investment is the main reason the airline is struggling.

There is no transparency in the organisation and all operation activity is hugely corrupted. These symbols also represent the cold of the Homework planner app chromebook and the heat of the lowlands.

The Constitution also prescribed the method of drawing the unique flag of Nepal. Ther outer circle represent the sky or the Father sky. The flag also features a sun and crescent moon. The Airlines has poor communication system in its operation and time to time the passengers are being overcharged or delayed in flights.