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We then worked in teams to bring our design to life. Jorvik was a large Viking kingdom around York. Viking Portraits This half term we have been working on portaits and shading. Pretty Impressive Projects! Harald Hardrada c.


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  2. We will continue to develop our understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and will have lots of opportunities for problem solving and reasoning.
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He taught us all about what life was like during the Viking Era and we even got to take part in some shield training. We took photographs to keep track of all of the key landmarks and buildings we saw on our journey.

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Harold Harefoot was king dissertation in english literaturethen Hardicanute was king until Everyone did a brilliant job of using ambitious, powerful vocabulary to reflect the 'hellish' atmosphere! They are: We will also learn about area and perimeter. Viking Portraits This half term we have been working on portaits and shading.

  • Jorvik was a large Viking kingdom around York.
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  • His sons, Harold Harefoot and then Hardicanute, ruled until

We loved using the thesaurus' to 'up-level' our words. We learned how to form battle formations to protect us from enemy attacks!

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Check out our awesome Viking warrior portraits. The first Viking attack on England was in on the Isle of Portland.

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We learned that Diwali is known as the 'Festival of Light' and it celebrates the triumph of light over darkness or good over evil. They've brightened up our Maths display nicely!

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We found it really critical thinking questions about culture, learning more about the faiths within our community. Our Curriculum: Essay animal testing is cruel heroes who had died would also be there. Sutton Hoo Helmets We were lucky enough this half term to have a visit from Harry's Mum who shared her amazing art skills with us and helped us create these fantastic replica Sutton Hoo helmets.

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Christmas Creations! Back in the classroom, we used these to help us create our own sketch maps of the village, using a key and symbols to show all of the locations we visited.

Ask us all about it This painting will also inspire our diary writing as we put ourselves in the shoes of a visitor to Goose Fair in !

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Eric Bloodaxe died in — Eric Bloodaxe was king of the Viking kingdom of Jorvik between and To celebrate this, Hindus light diyas. We had a lot of fun making them and designing the patterns viking homework year 4 the metal work and they looked FAB with our costumes! Only rich people had beds.

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We will work collaboratively to recreate this artwork using a range of different techniques. Vikings settled around more places than just Britain — they went to Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, France and Spain too.

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Do you recognise any names with endings like these: Longships were symmetrical, meaning they looked the same at the front as they did at the back. What a brilliant way to kick off We will be retelling the Anglo-Saxon legend of Beowulf, designing our own mythical beasts and imagining wild adventures alongside Norse Gods!

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The last king of Jorvik was Eric Bloodaxe, who was driven out in Harald Hardrada c. He was the last king of Jorvik before it became part of England. Our class text will be: We will be working on letter and diary writing this half term as we explore what it was like to live in Nottingham during the industrial revolution.