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Family business succession case study. Siblings and Succession in the Family Business

His being there sends the wrong signal to the rest of the company and to outside stakeholders, including customers. An outsider may be the best choice. Emotions run high in all those cases, sample cover letter for applying for same position it is critical to understand that what appears fair to one party may not appear fair to another. If not, they can derail the most successful company and unravel the closest family. In fact, she only seems to want the title of CEO to prove that she is better than Bob; if she had more responsibility elsewhere, she might not be as hungry for the corner office. Benson Electric is poised to increase its shareholder equity significantly. Not only are these people up to the challenge of guiding the company through the immediate crisis, but they also have the know-how and temperament to help Benson Electric—the new leader, the family members, and everyone else at the company—grasp the significance and opportunities of deregulation. Selecting a new CEO should be an exercise in strategic human—resources planning, not an exercise in family dynamics.


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Now it needs to learn four-part harmony—very quickly and under the most difficult of circumstances. She should begin shareholder meetings immediately among the four of them—and only the four of them: Each needs a new leader or a new leadership system.

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Millie Taft Benson is in the toughest spot: I have two pieces of advice for Julie master thesis source code she moves into the position of CEO. He is the son-in-law of the owner and founder and also works with his brother-in-law and sister-in-law, both of whom are vice presidents.

Similarly, Padilla seems to be a qualified financial officer who does not appear to understand the importance of marketing—even as the company faces a critical time of deregulation and growth.

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A family business is supposed to support the family. She knows the business, and she knows how to work with her peers. One can understand and sympathize with Buck for side-stepping the succession issue. Those other members will certainly influence their conversations and the long-term viability of any solution.

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Selecting a new CEO should be an exercise in strategic human—resources planning, not in family dynamics. The directors could keep iphone app startup business plan tight rein on her and offer hands-on training until she is as competent as Buck was at running the company.

Now the lid has blown off, and there is a great danger that pent-up emotions will scuttle any rational planning done by the four family owners. Joseph A. Contrary to what he had expected, each of them had expressed the wish to become, or remain, a shareholder in the business as they wished to be in a position to pass on some shares to the next generation.

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The board should state firmly that if any shareholder is not interested in joining in the decision-making process and presenting a united front—that is, buying in—then he or she should sell out and leave. Once Millie has made her intentions clear, Bob and Leigh have some critical decisions to make.

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It should also include a process for the valuation and breakup of the company, in the event that the shareholders do reach an impasse. Their first and most important consideration should be figuring out what kind of leadership the company needs for the next decade.

The business plan for Benson Electric—an internal document, for now—should put forth a mission statement, outline a reasonable course of action for the company, describe concerns about the future of the business for example, the implications of deregulationand provide guidelines for dealing with disagreements or crises.

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If they continue to move toward a decision without involving all the family members who are shareholders, they are setting the stage for conflict later on—no matter whom they select. This is no time for tentative management.

Case study 3: The Sages family business | KPMG Global

If Bob and Leigh do not wish to remain in the company, either as executives or as investors, Millie needs to work out a buyout arrangement that offers each of them an honorable and equitable exit option cover letter new york times at sample thesis mobile phones same time protects the company.

They had considered the following: It seems unlikely that Joyce and Millie will be able to work together as the heads of the combined family—even if they were to realize that such an alliance would be in the best interests of all their children.

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Even though Millie said that she would stay out of the decision-making process, she made it clear that Buck thought that Julie was the only one of his children who was qualified to run the company in his absence. But if she has difficulty setting priorities, organizing herself, and following through on her actions, she is not ready for a leadership role.

My pick would be Roberts, if he could be wooed away from his consulting business.

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These topics have been clustered together because the social systems of the family and the management format of a graduation speech of the firm have significant impacts on the success, or failure, of succession plans. Joyce is not an owner and must not be treated like one.

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Benson Electric is poised to increase its shareholder equity family business succession case study. Millie has made it clear that she wants Julie to be the new CEO.