Literature review on environmental sanitation in nigeria,

This assertion was confirmed by the chi-square value of I appreciate the financial and moral support of my mother, Mrs. Because of the military nature of the implementation of the new environmental sanitation programme people responded accordingly, but not without close supervision. Providing adequate sanitation could help reduce it and achieve international target. This is literature review on environmental sanitation in nigeria worse for the female especially during the menstrual periods. Meeting this target is a great challenge.


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This indicates a declining water supply. Meeting this target is a great challenge. Meeting this target means an additional 2.

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Such studies reveal that such problems occur in the traditional core areas, urban centres and periurban areas or suburbs. The release from human body represents waste which should be properly disposed topic sentence for contrast essay avoid negative consequences on man and his environment.

Influence- The impact made by something through invisible or intangible means. Locating them outside the residence could by be risky. The analysis indicated that the average age in the area is Finally, I wish to thank all those who have in one way or the other, assisted in this project work.

The residents have different marital status. Schistosomiasis bilharza infects million people, of which 20 million people suffer consequences. The first building was randomly selected using a system whereby numbers were written on pieces on paper thoroughly wrapped and kept in a box.

Secondary Data These refer to data gathered from existing works. Afon Project Supervisor Dr L.


These associations are usually run by women, who combine traditional waste management 29 practices with the new biomass processing technologies to manage community and household garbage. The findings showed that the respondents preferred multiple family dwellings to single family dwellings.

The buildings sampled amounted to 10 percent of how to make an analysis in a research paper total buildings in the study area. Table 6: Data Analysis, Table 5: Most of the respondents that chose topic sentence for contrast essay of flat were either using them for residential and commercial purposes. The history of the town dates back to the pre-colonial days.

I wish to appreciate the Head of Department, Dr.

It is common to see children defecate in the open while adults are found urinating anywhere especially in the core of the town. The Federal government report observed that an estimatedtodiarrhea-related deaths occur among children each year, somepeople oracle master thesis seriously affected by guinea worm causing an annual loss of more than million naira in rice production alone, and more than 6 how to cite a phd thesis in apa are stricken with Onchocerciasis.

The prevention of disease and the promotion of health depend on the social conditions in which people live. Various traditional festivals like the Eyo, Egungun and Oro are still being practiced. The location of these facilities outside the building would allow for access to them by both the residents of the buildings and outsiders who may need water.

Residents in the study area were mainly within the working group. The cleanest cities were promised a prize of one million naira, and a definite improvement of the environment appeared to have been achieved Nwaka, These, according to POSTnote include: Findings from the survey revealed that proportions of buildings that have soak away pit, septic tank, waste water pit and drainage are Thus, buildings or respondents were sampled in the study area.

Badmus, and Mr. Bello, and his wife Mrs. However, wrong targeting of government subsidies has affected government plans for increasing oracle master thesis to sanitation, as subsidies did not reach those who needed them most. Personal practices Household practices, and Community practices Personal Sanitation Practices The personal sanitation practices include hygiene considerations on using latrines, hand washing with soap after use of toilet, cleaning sanitation facilities and safe water consumption and food hygiene.

This could also affect the income level of the area. Direct citing if referenced properly Thank you so much for your respect to the authors copyright. However, states like Lagos and Oyo still participate in the case study on ant colony optimization. It was an ambitious target and program over the decade could not keep up with the population growth.

Respondents with primary qualification represent This could jeopardize efforts to meet the sanitation target. Respondents that use pipe-borne water regularly accounted for As shown in Table 2, those who relied on well, stream or pond constituted They noted that only 33 percent of the population in the country has access to hygienic latrine facilities.

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Federal Office of Statistics, The survey also showed that about 60percent of Nigerians discharge their waste water directly to the environment with no consideration of the safety and environmental beauty FRN, It also noted that 62 percent of people in rural areas do not have access to sanitation, compared with 14 percent in urban areas.

The report also showed that the state has over 9 million inhabitants as at Some others noted that there wells are well covered and are clean for domestic use.


It also love homework hangzhou dana that majority of the respondents are agile and active; and could give the required information on sanitation activities in the area. Acey et al. The high proportion of the singles could be further explained by the age structure in area. Of interest to the study is to provide answers to questions like: Abler et al also submitted that the core areas case study vulnerable populations generate a great deal of movement.

Environmental Sanitation

These include the maltreatment of civilians by over-zealous military officials. Abegunde, Ms Okereke, and Ms Olayiwola. Government agencies and institutions in Ikorodu include local government offices, tax revenue office, among others. Unless something is done urgently, this proportion may still increase due to the doing homework pics rate.

This could be linked to the fact that the PSP operators do collect waste items on a weekly basis. Such condition can be achieved through an effective environmental sanitation practice. Agencies found that for projects to be sustainable there was a critical need to focus on the demand for sanitation at the household level.

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Adeyinka, Mr. Using concrete slabs to cover pit latrines can prevent them from being transmitted to humans Other related diseases identified are Hepatitis A and B, Dysentery, tropical diseases like malaria, and skin infections. Ikorodu town in Lagos state was the focus of the study.

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The use of covered refuse bins would also facilitates the activities of the activities PSP operators that collect waste components in the area. The total land mass of the state is about 3, sq. Descriptive and inferential statistical tools were used for the study.

For more project materials. FRN further stated that except for Abuja and limited parts of Lagos, no urban community has a sewerage system.

Moreover, some of the women often preferred their husbands to respond wherever they are available. Sanitation infrastructure was and remains much less developed as only 55 percent of urban Rwandans have access to improved sanitation with no existent sewerage connections in the country. Such practices include disposal of solid waste and excreta on vacant lands, drainage paths and water bodies; discharge of waste water on streets, and taking bath in the open before dawn, among others.

Federal Office of Statistics, Table 1 indicates the proportion of urban households in Nigeria with water supply.


Sadalla et al noted that the environmental problems may be caused by inadequate provision of facilities and residents behaviour in communities Despite its importance in human life, Mosleh Uddin and Sudhir observed that the provision personal essay about moving country sanitation facilities and services is poor in developing countries.

At 43 the moment, not all the states of the federation participate in the mandatory monthly environmental sanitation exercise. The findings could be linked with the popularity of the methods and available of their components. Drainage in many areas is bad thereby providing good breeding areas for mosquitoes and other infectious insects. Oracle master thesis officials operate on major streets during such days to ensure compliance and improved environmental sanitation practices.