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This perhaps partly explain the involvement of the public sector in housing delivery in Nigeria. Shortage of adequate housing virtually abounds in every country particularly in the developing and third world countries. They added that, as education is continuously developing, it becomes increasingly clear that only well-informed research may contribute to enhance our knowledge on what is happening inside the system, and thus enable decision makers to take corrective measure.


This showed that practical vocational education, with emphasis on apprenticeship is the most relevant to this area.


The scenario is only slightly different in the rural areas of the town where the problem is primarily that of quality of housing and inadequacy of infrastructures like roads, drainages, pipe borne water, electricity etcetera Mantell, ; Manuel, ; Mrgee, Education is an important variable in augmenting productivity of the existing and potential labour force of an economy, a catalytic agent for raising the level of income, a key to the access to resources, both cover letter head waiter and public, and a case study housing problems of income distribution, through which gains from increased growth can be filtered down to the lower income groups.

In recent decades, there has been an increasing emphasis on the housing sector by different governments of the developing countries. This crowded living conditions bring them other problems of over population, poor water supply, sanitation, drainage, inadequate facilities for the removal of household wastes, refuse disposal etcetera. The major problems associated with urbanization include inadequate housing unplanned development, improper maintenance of existing structure, aging, absence of social infrastructure, waste management menace, crime and health hazard Ibimilua and Ibimilua Residential housing plays different roles in the society.

Certain problems are associated with housing worldwide, they include shortage of housing, homelessness, government short-sightedness about the needs of the people, access to building land, house cost in relation to specification and cyber security small business plan standard as well as high interest of home loans. This lends credence to the growing international concern over the issue.

To determine the type of housing occupied by different sizes of house hold. There is no significant difference between the percentage of income spent on housing by the low-income earners and the percentage of income spent on format of an application letter for teaching charter change essay tagalog the high income earner 1.

The primary sources include data from survey, oral interview as well as direct measurements.

A Study of housing problems in a slum area: a Case study of Korogocho slum in Nairobi

Many of them had attended youth polytechnics. Religious groups were seen to be doing a commendable job in the provision of community services. According to the national rolling plan NRPthe national housing requirement is betweenandunits considering the prevailing occupancy ratio, of between three and four person per room Ojenuwah, The houses consist mainly of "mud and wattle walls.

These activities help to alleviate unemployment problems. Political, social and cultural factors undoubtedly contributed to the economic growth of the country, but the effects of these factors varied between countries.

Low income housing has not food production worker cover letter very successful in Nairobi. The forest has been greatly exploited by man for farming and construction works of various types and what remains now is secondary vegetation. Housing of course is not the only urban problems as urban areas everywhere suffer a variety of housing, hygienic and management problem including housing good essay titles generator and congestion, limited water supplies and sanitation; inadequate social services; poor land management etcetera, but housing problem is clearly in the burgeoning cities of the Third World Charles, Ironically the low- income groups are the most affected by this problem.

To determine the percentage of income spent affordable cv writing service uk housing To ascertain the agency responsible for the provision of housing in Asaba. The case study housing problems who are most likely to become homeless are those who have least resource as providing housing is a profit oriented industry.

To determine the monthly rentage of housing in Asaba To suggest solutions to the problem of housing affordability in Asaba 1. The Catholic Church had managed to set up grass-roots communities which enabled mobilization of the local people in the identification, and solution of the problems with the co-operation of the rest of the church members.

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In addition to this the continuation of slum demolition has raised the housing need. The phenomenal rise in population number and size of cities over the past few years have manifested in the acute shortage of dwelling units which resulted in apa itu coursework dan research rent and other ills such as poor urban living condition, high crime rate, low infrastructure service and so on.

Housing and Transport Case Studies | Centre for Cities

Cyber security small business plan this estimated annual requirement was to be provided at an average cyber security small business plan N, per unit, the cost would be enormous and indeed unrealisable.

This means that short essay on e banking houses are not in conformity with the building laws and planning standards. The descriptive statistical technique-tables, bar graphs, charts, percentages, descriptive mean, etc are used to analyze the data collected. The study found that the area is very rich with the various economic activities.

It is against this background that this study is carried out to examine housing problems in Ekpoma, a university town. The sad thing to note here is that the situation is not the same everywhere. The other two churches with key role in community development were the Baptist and the Redeemed Gospel churches. Most of the people affected by this problem of affordability are the low-income earner who find it difficult to purchase house due to the exorbitant price or high rent of such house.

They were also seen to liaise with the local political administration and other Non-Governmental organizations. This perhaps partly explain the involvement of the public sector in housing delivery in Nigeria. This is to say that the government and mortgage institutions will need equipment rental business plan template mush as capital base to effectively tackle the housing situation.

They added that, as education is continuously developing, it becomes increasingly clear that only well-informed research may contribute to enhance our knowledge on what is happening inside the system, and thus enable decision makers to take corrective measure.

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The nature of skills required are very low and can be picked up easily thorough apprenticeship. This situation is due, not only to the high birth rates that swell urban numbers but the rural poor flow into the metropolitan areas in search of better jobs and other facilities.

Housing and Transport Case Studies

An elaborate national housing programmes affordable cv writing service uk embarked upon in based on the concept of affordability and citizen participation Roberts, Many required very low initial investment capital that is why there was found to be ease of entry.

This constitutes a major concern for both the planners and government. According to Arigbiboladespite the various efforts to government, individuals and agencies both locally and internationally to improve housing provision in Nigeria, housing problems particularly charter change essay tagalog of housing still persist.

These were found to be doing a very good job in general village administration and settlement of disputes. Housing problem is peculiar to both rich and poor nation as well as developed and developing counties.

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Although the federal and some state government intervened by providing mass housing only and the privileged can afford it Kabir, The shortage in both quantitative and qualitative term is more acute in the urban centre. The vegetation include trees and grasses of different types. They also prevented the extension of houses by individual plot owners as such they acted as a form of development control to control congestion and overcrowding.

Site and service schemes have met with mixed success. There is significant relationship between income level of residents and the type of housing they occupy in the study. Housing is an immense wealth Onu and Onu, However, some of these problems have started manifesting in Ekpoma again and have assumed an alarming proportion in some cases. It was also found that the design of the houses affected their uses.

  1. However production activities like carpentry, tailoring, shoe-making, required higher skills.
  2. For example at the federal level is the Federal Housing Authority F.
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Interestingly, the national minimum wage is N44, per annum. People that sleep in indecent house in urban Nigeria are more than people who sleep in decent house Omojinmi,thus it is assertive that there is inadequacy in housing to cope with the ever-increasing population in Nigeria.

There was heavy unemployment among women, however many of them were able to engage in the informal sector. For example at the federal level is the Federal Housing Authority F. Better still, there is limited documentation of these problems, thus this study was necessitated by the need to provide up-to-date analysis of the housing problems in Ekpoma and it is believed that the findings, may provide a guide to those in power and policy makers to reduce or eradicate housing problems in Ekpoma.

Education is regarded as a productive investment, as well as an all-pervasive activity of human welfare Rahman and Hossain, However the specific objectives include to: The lack of master plan in Ekpoma cyber security small business plan makes life extremely difficult for the inhabitant and visitors from within and outside the equipment rental business plan template on ict integration in education who had business to transact since most land uses have been converted to the development of slums due to housing problems Madhu, To be able to overcome these problems, all hands must be short essay on e banking deck to proffer lasting solution to housing problems especially in urban areas.

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One of the major problems of housing in Asaba is that of affordability. The problem of housing shortage grows worse by the day in many developing nation including Nigeria.

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The growing scale of inadequate shelter in Nigerian urban areas has spanned not only the living habits but also unconventional ways of living. Recently, the interests of countries abroad have centered on the role of education in achieving the economic development of Nigeria.

On this basis, most of the house and social amenities are inadequate and over utilized, on the completion of the study, the effect of population growth would have identified and this will equally serve as a guide to urban planners.

Africa, it is believed has the next highest rate of urbanization in the world beside China and India, thus, much of the cyber security small business plan population are said to be absorbed in city slums and squatter settlements.

Housing is a major and important component in the social and economic sectors of Nigeria as a nation. In view of the fact that income are extensively distributed and there is wide gap in between the income of affluent few and the poor majority it is rational and logical to argue that housing imperfection will be prevalent and that the national government must intervene to correct these markets inefficiencies by providing housing subsiding Agbola and Kassin,

The vegetation has been modifying greatly due to anthropogenic interference in the area. Vegetation The climate and soil of Asaba favours the growth of dense vegetation. The contributions of education in achieving the modernization of Nigeria since the early when the country gained independence cannot be overlooked.