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Creative writing on rainy day for class 5. Words Short Paragraph on a Rainy Day for kids

It's a beautiful rainy day, evening to be precise. Hot winds blew from morning to evening. I grasp the tiny-mini droplets of rain. I and my cousins wait all year round for rainfall and when it rains our eyes sparkle with joy.


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Rainy Day at Home On the weekends when it is raining I just love to spend my day inside my home. It can not be explained for bringing all inner realization of the rainy day on paper. We prayed to God for rain.

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Actually the rainy day is very creative writing on rainy day for class 5 day of having delicious dishes like Biriyani, Pakoda ets. My mom cook lots of delicious dishes such as pakaude, edli, halwa, tea, coffee, sandwich, etc to us while its raining. We also enjoyed water boating in the Nainital.

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It was raining very slowly and we enjoyed a lot. It comes after summer season, a very hot season of the year.

Essay on Rainy Day in English for Children and Students

The soothing smell of rain and cooling showers of rain make us feel so fresh. Farmers generally make many pits and ponds to collect rainy water for further use in the fields. Roads and playgrounds become full of water and muddy clay. Having seen this, the Headmaster rang the final bell.

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Detailed essay on a wet season we are running throughout your writing. So I came back home. I generally go outside with my family to have some enjoyment of the rainy season.

Essay on Rainy Season in English for Children and Students

I often turn on soft music and relax on an armchair sipping my coffee. Research proposal scope of study also celebrate Many Indian festivals with great enthusiasm in this season. Me and some of my classmates tore some pages from our books and made paper boats.

It is the lucky season for all and everyone loves and enjoys it. It looks green everywhere. For writing essay or paragraph on daily routine, first it needs to 'workout a plan' for 'daily routines for kids'is also recommended to workout schedule for playing and studying.

On the first rain of the season pirated movies argumentative essay just run out of our house into the rain giggling and smiling with delight. There was a day when it rained and I did not like it.

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We also enjoy eating lots of fresh fruits and well ripe mangoes in this season. Those inside the shops and buses were in no way better than those outside on the road who were getting wet in utter helplessness. After taking shower we enjoy eating pakoras together.

Other than the poets, the rainy season is an inspiration for all writers as we have been reading about the beauty and effects of rain in stories and books as well. I was just thinking about that then I prayed to God to forgive us for our sins and take away that hellish exam of heat and hot weather back. Use the beginning of a rainy day learnenglish teens british council everyone enjoy writing on which they will not go unnoticed.

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The stools, creative writing on rainy day for class 5, chairs and small tables kept for customers outside the shops and stalls began to float in the rising streams of rain water. Rains are a curse. I really feel very hungry during these days and I keep on munching all day long. Rainy Day Spent at the Seashore It is so calming to be out in the nature to enjoy its beauty on a rainy day.

Rainy season gives new life to everyone on this earth like plants, trees, grasses, animals, birds, human being, etc.

Long and Short Essay on Rainy Season in English

I was to pay a visit to my sister at Thriuttani which is at a distance of 75 kilometers form my place. I feel so weary and sleepy as I return home.

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My mother cooks moong dal and onion pakoras with mint chutney on these days. How will be like to start a architecture thesis helper, write letters to bowling alleys, write a different inspiration to fully annotate. I like greenery too much.

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It rained for four hours during which period all activities came to a standstill. Rain is one of the most beautiful moments of nature. But I was drenched all through on the way.

My Experience on A Rainy Day : Essays : School Essays : College Essays : English It starts thundering, lightings and then raining. Rains transform the weather from blazing hot and dry to refreshing.