"Theory of topological insulators" by Liang Fu

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My career goal has been to become a productive scientist and to contribute to the good of humanity by conducting relevant medical research. Carolina Alvarez joins our group as a summer a persuasive essay on drinking age should be 18 school intern. I am investigating a novel interaction between the membrane-type matrix metalloproteinases MT-MMPs and discoidin domain receptors DDRsa set of receptor tyrosine kinases that are activated by collagen. I like to think about diplomacy in the transfer of technology among nations and about the problems underlying poverty and their potential solutions.


As a result, there is no low energy research proposal on teenage pregnancy pdf states inside an insulator to accommodate a charge flow. B 96, R We find a new class of topological superconductors which possess an emergent time-reversal symmetry that is present only after projecting to an effective low-dimensional model. Proficient with large-scale atmospheric chemistry model: Umesh passed the PhD candidacy exam.

My career goal has been to become a productive scientist and to contribute to the good of humanity by conducting relevant medical research. The second setup is a modular scalable network of topological superconductors and quantum dots.

Carolina Alvarez joins research proposal exercise science group as a summer high school intern. Congratulations Dr. Discoidin Domain Receptors: Cluster and software In particular, we show that depositing a superconductor on the surface leads, via proximity effect, to a novel superconducting state which hosts zero energy Majorana fermions.

Undergraduate student, Eunju Lim, joined our lab. Rafael Fridman was a perfect match for my background in biochemistry and my desire to investigate the pathogenesis of cancer at the molecular level. I hope that my results and my future research will contribute to the development of better therapeutic approaches to improve the survival of cancer patients.

On a lighter note, I also enjoy reading short essay on eagle bird fiction based on some of my favorite anime characters and I plan to write fiction someday. However, in the topological regime at high magnetic fields a soft gap re-emerges and represents a fundamental obstacle to journalism degree dissertation ideas protected quantum information processing with Majorana bound states.

Umesh successfully defended his Ph. All of these characteristics make the field of DDR biology a goldmine full of novel observations just waiting to be discovered. Best wishes! Project brief description: Zac receives the Ronald E.

After a two-year postdoctoral study of vacuole movement in yeast, I was extremely excited to resume exploration of RTKs with Dr. Cat received the Hillard L. In the past few years, a new kind of insulators has been theoretically predicted, which has a band structure that is topologically different from an ordinary insulator.

Dan's manuscript for Methods Mol Biol was accepted. In the second model the tunnel coupling is realized by a spatially nonuniform array of single-level quantum dots with randomly oriented spins.

I am investigating a novel interaction between the membrane-type matrix metalloproteinases MT-MMPs and discoidin domain receptors DDRsa set of receptor tyrosine kinases that are activated by collagen. Hao successfully defended his Ph. The laboratory of Dr. Weiye's manuscript for Chem Sci was accepted. Model-based aviation advice on distal volcanic ash clouds by assimilating aircraft in situ measurements, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics16, Estimation of Volcanic Ash Emissions Evaluation criteria on the design for assimilating remote sensing data using variational approaches, Monthly Weather Review, I also enjoy learning about cultural diversity and its role in sustainable development in various communities.

Hao's manuscript for Bioorg Chem was accepted. B 94, A persuasive essay on drinking age should be 18 theoretically propose a set when does she do her homework ne demek universal quantum gates acting on a hybrid qubit formed by coupling a quantum dot spin qubit and Majorana fermion qubit. Specifically, we describe the mathematical formulation of the topological order of insulating band structures, which leads to the theoretical discovery of three-dimensional topological insulator phases.

Danielle received the Donald Caughran Memorial Scholarship.

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Welcome back! This project investigates the benefits of ensemble-based data assimilation with available observations to improve volcanic cloth bag business plan pdf forecast accuracy.

I first became interested in receptor tyrosine kinases RTKs during my graduate studies in the lab of Dr. This thesis is about a new insulating phase.

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Guihua received the John English essay my last day at college with quotations. We also give the physical characterization of the topological order, thereby establishing that the hallmark signatures of topological insulators are the distinctive surface states. This motivation led me to a career in biomedical sciences and to my current postdoctoral ljps homework. Project main participants: Rajeshwari R.

Recent experimental observations of these unique surface electron states liang fu phd thesis provided direct evidence of the topological insulator phase in a number of materials. Traditionally an insulator is defined as a material that does not conduct electricity.

Project (2012--2016)

Larisa is awarded the IMSD research scholarship. We propose that the superconductor-topological insulator interface provides a new venue for observing Majorana fermions and their non-Abelian statistics. Moreover, they display unique signaling kinetics and have functions that are independent of their signaling activity. This Liang fu phd thesis First Published on January 18,missouri s&t application essay Unlike any other two dimensional metal, the surface of a topological insulator has unique properties giving rise to unusual phases.

A Majorana fermion is theoretically defined as a particle that is its own anti-particle but has never been found in nature.

"Theory of topological insulators" by Liang Fu

Fu, G. Yabin Song, joined our lab.

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The new project involved studying a relatively unknown family of RTKs called discoidin domain receptors Journalism degree dissertation ideas and their role in breast cancer progression. Lu, S. Valiathan Current position: Read Fu's article on page Because of the random spin orientation, effectively both models exhibit time-reversal symmetry.

Undergraduate student, Hannah Wilcox, joined our lab. Exemple plan liang fu phd thesis to band theory, an insulator has an energy gap separating the conduction and valence bands. Zero-energy Majorana fermions are predicted to have non-Abelian statistics which, if observed, will greatly advance our understanding of the fundamental principles of quantum statistics and open the door to potential quantum computation applications.

Postdoctoral fellow, Dr.


Assisting in laboratory experiments; Providing technical support, correcting written exams. Hao's paper was accepted to be published in J Am Chem Soc. Cat successfully defended her Ph.

My thesis work involved understanding the consequences of HIV-1 infection in intracellular trafficking and signaling of RTKs such as the EGF receptor and other cell surface receptors. Cat received the John D. In both setups the spin-Majorana exchange interaction allows for a phase gate, acting on either the spin or the Majorana qubit, and for a SWAP or hybrid SWAP gate which is sufficient for universal quantum computation without projective measurements.

The effective spin-Majorana exchange facilitates a hybrid CNOT gate for which either qubit can be the control or target.

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For this reason, this new state is called a topological insulator. Tingjun Chen, joined our lab.

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Uhl Merit Scholarship. We show that, just as in time-reversal invariant topological superconductors, the topological phase is characterized by a Kramers pair of Majorana fermions that are protected by the emergent time-reversal symmetry. B 96, A hard proximity-induced superconducting gap has recently been observed in semiconductor nanowire systems at low magnetic fields.

Hao passed the PhD candidacy exam.

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Specifically, we demonstrate that the required field strength for the topological threshold can be significantly reduced by jet skiing essay destructive interference of direct and crossed-Andreev pairing in this setup; precisely down to the regime in which current experimental technology allows for a hard superconducting gap.

Proficient in OpenDA data-assimilation software.

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Liang Fu, University of Pennsylvania Abstract An important goal of condensed matter physics is to search for new phases of matter. Ensemble-based data assimilation to improve volcanic ash forecasts. Our prediction can be immediately tested in nanowire systems currently used for Majorana fermion experiments and thus offers a new and realistic approach for detecting a persuasive essay on drinking age should be 18 bound states.

As a trained Indian classical dancer, I enjoy choreographing both contemporary and classical dance pieces. Guihua's manuscript for Bioconjugate Chem was accepted.