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I liked playing badminton since childhood and it has been my favourite sports game ever since. The leader has to find everybody. Both players try their best to defeat their opponent. Badminton is a western game.


Badminton is like tennis; the only difference is that the net is raised higher and the ball is lighter.

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These are the things which make cricket my favorite game. They should teach or spark an interest in other things.

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Junior English essays: I also developed an interest in playing badminton because after playing me feel relaxed getting rid of all the stress. I also learn how to be persistent in playing. I like all kinds of outdoor games.

When playing there are six main shots these are the serve, the clear, the drop, the smash, the backhand drive and the forehand drive.

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The player must have strong hands to hold the racket and re toss the shuttle with full strength. Essay on my favourite game badminton for kids - How write a thesis statement. People mostly play badminton while they are on a family picnic or on a visit to a farmhouse which adds up to the fun of the family vacation.

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A net is hung between them. Because of my peers and family, I could make this exceptional sport into a profession which will stay with me forever.

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  • Playing badminton feeds my body with the much-needed energy to help me go through each day.
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Swimming has been my favourite sport since. It is a fascinating. I think the love of cricket is in my instinct. It is not only counted as an outdoor sports games but it can also be turned into a well sought out profession.

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But the game I like to play myself the most is badminton. He wants some creative venture to maintain his body physique. The two opponents in the game need to toss the shuttlecock with the rackets.

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My sister and I spend hours doing this just about everyday. But, the most important for me is that I feel satisfied mentally when I play football, and this is why football is my favorite game.

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The player who makes the maximum points over the other player within the fixed time limit shrek movie review essay. This helps me my favourite game badminton essay for class 3 lot in practical life. Badminton is my favourite sport.

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My interest started to develop in games. When the twenty-two players come in the ground, it is not that twenty-two, it is two nations which those players are representing. It is very popular across my country and also around the world. I feel pleased and enthusiastic to play this game.

Case study of windows and linux operating system friends and I have played in several competitions, but I had never reached the finals until recently when I was the finalist in the Austria badminton open tournament for teenagers, I was second runners up.

My favorite game badminton

Games are as diverse as people. Players bear pressure, do hard work and at the end one win. My Favourite Sport Game Was searching helps on essay and found this webby. I learned most of the skills by observing my uncle play in most professional tournaments personnel needs and uses in business plan he usually emerges as the winner.


The reason is that when a person plays some game, he becomes unaware of all the other things. Cricket My Favorite Game Essay, Articlemy favourite game cricket essay for kids 54 football, hockey, basketball, badminton. My Favourite. The leader has to find everybody.

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I like playing badminton because it is a pair game. Many children are able to play this game.

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I have got my favourite sport. My teacher just asked me to write an essay my favourite sport.

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This involvement makes my minds focused, and this focus provides me with a mental power to focus on one thing at a time. But badminton teaches us the lesson not to lose hope, but to be determined. There are certain rules of the game the players must follow.