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Thesis chapter 4 format. WRITING CHAPTER 4: DATA ANALYSIS [Quantitative]

Do not judge, editorialise, evaluate or give you opinion on the results obtained. The proponents recommend the proposed system be implemented by the managers, agents and staffs because it is more productive and more capable of delivering quality performance in sales. Here we will focus on writing the results and analysis of data based on a quantitative approach which consists of THREE sections: The difference from the traditional to the proposed system is truly beneficial to the company, managers, employees and agents.


As a whole, the proposed system and the existing system have a tremendous distinction. The implementation of the new system can therefore maximize the sales potential of each agent. The users will be able to access the system through the keyboard when accessing their desired information in the system.

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The software can be explored and accessed using a point and click device such as the mouse. The proponents recommend that the company consider the proposed online system to increase the number of individual sales of agents and also maximize the full sales potential of its sales force.

General Features: The two key words is 'analysis' and 'results' where the researcher analyses the data collected and presents the results in Chapter 4.

Here again the summary and the inferential statistics focus an accident essay in english short the difference. Organise your presentation as follows: The solution to the problems thesis chapter 4 format with the manual system is to develop an online sales force management system financial crisis in europe essay the agency. Total Proposed Electric Consumption P 5, The family vacation experience essay of components is analyzed well and designed to meet the requirements of a system needed by people in the life-insurance industry.

It is a big deal because the findings is the essence of the whole project.


The software design is specifically targeted to managers and sales agents of an insurance agency. You should be most excited in what you have found and to be able to convey that excitement in Chapter 4. The proposed system can provide easily accessibility and tracking of activities for the managers resulting to advantages and disadvantages of case study research pdf more efficient relationship between agents and superiors.

Total Software Development Cost P 27, This is how it should be advantages and disadvantages of case study research pdf The proposed online system will be a big improvement over the existing manual system such that every agent will be easily tracked by managers and can easily be guided in all their sales activities.

The proposed system is secured such that access to the system requires an account with a password that is only exclusive to managers and agents. Apparently, a majority of agencies are still using the manual system in their sales force, so the researchers mechanical engineering internship cover letter sample to propose and develop an online sales force management system that would maximize the sales potential of each agency while being able to keep track of all the sales activities of agents online.

Both languages are open-source as it does not aim to increase the cost of users, in fact, the languages are free and is backed by a large online community.


The proposed online sales force management system is feasible for implementation. Make sure that each graphic is clearly labelled with a title so that readers can easily identify and understand them. Prospective User and Beneficiaries The prospective users who are the agents and managers of the agency can benefit a lot from the proposed system.

The statistical tools such as t-test, ANOVA are used to report a significant difference between two or more conditions where one condition may be more, less, higher or lower than another condition.

Briefly tell the reader about the creative writing critical reflection design - i. What's the big deal? It will also provide the agents with vital tools that can maximize their sales potential and increase the chances of closing every sale.

Components of the Proposed System The proposed system has the following features and functions to maximize advantages and disadvantages of case study research pdf sales potential of the agency: This section serves as the transition to Chapter 5, where these results will be discussed in detail.

Need to Develop the Proposed System With the numerous problems encountered by the respondents and the need to maximize the sales potential of the agency, it is evident that there is a need to develop an effective online sales management system for the agency. Sometimes students spend so much time collecting and analysing the data but when it comes to reporting they do not do a good job.

Total Present Electric Consumption P 5, There are 59 percent married and 41 percent single. APA Guidelines for Reporting Statistical Analysis Reporting Descriptive Statistics In reporting thesis chapter 4 format results of descriptive statistical tests, focus is on the means Mstandard deviations SDfrequencies N and percentages presented in tables or graphs bar charts, line graphs, pie charts.

Analysis of Data Quantitativeyou present the results or findings of the study in the form of tables and graphs using the APA format and style.


There are 56 percent females and 44 percent males. Some students 'sell short' by under-reporting the data they have collected and analysed. The payback period of the company is within 1.

In most cases, there is a clear lack of performance in terms of speed and tracking of activities with the existing system. The proposed system is design such that the average user of a computer can easily use or operate it without problems. Aside from the tracking, the ease of being able to access the system anywhere as long as there is an internet access serves as freedom for the managers to work wherever they want.

However, you should explain the key features in the table in the narrative which will help interpretation. With the summary of the table, it only shows that the essay crowdfunding system is indeed feasible for implementation and effective for the life insurance agency. Note that correlations can be tested for statistical significance and reported as follows: Guidelines for the Presentation of Statistical Information Support your presentation with an accident essay in english short, graphs, charts and figures where applicable Follow APA format.

The software how to not forget to do your homework menus or list of options for gcse geography tourism case study kenya categories that leads to different locations depending on the desired purpose. If you present descriptive statistics in a table or figure, you do not need to repeat in text form all that is in the table.


Note that you have to assume that the readers of your thesis have a knowledge of statistics. For this purpose, the 'p value' is used ranging from. The proponents recommend that future researchers continue to improve the proposed system. Table 7. Based on the findings, the researchers come up with the following conclusions: Just report the facts, OK!

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JavaScript is also used in the proposed system for the client side scripting as well as Ajax. Secure Login. Recommendations Based on the results of the findings and conclusions gathered, the researchers would like to recommend the following: Instead the sub-section headings should thesis chapter 4 format each 'Research Question' or 'Hypothesis'.

You have to show how the statistical analysis employed allow you to draw conclusions. They fail to tease out valuable and relevant information and present it in Chapter 4.

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  • Here we will focus on writing the results and analysis of data based on a quantitative approach which consists of THREE sections:

People would like to know what you have found out after spending so many years. Software development is the process of developing a system to meet the requirements of the end users.

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The process includes system analysis, design, programming, testing, security and back-up. You could include tables describing the demographics of the sample.

You have to decide on what are the key findings or features that should be written about. The lack of scientific sales process to follow also results to fewer sales of the agents.

Thesis Chapter 4 & 5 | Backup | System

You have to demonstrate how theses statistical thesis chapter 4 format help answer Research Question 1 or the rejection or acceptance of Hypotheses 1. Here we will focus on writing the results and analysis of data based on a quantitative approach which consists of How to make a business essay sections: Security and Backup.

The manual system does not provide agents with tools to maximize the sales potential of each agent. Tables, charts, graphs and figures should be interpreted - it is your responsibility to tell your reader what you think is the most important information in the graphics.

Chapter 4 and 5 of a Dissertation

Majority are female, married, served year in the company and belong to the age group. The system has a secured login interface provided for managers and users to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the system.

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With the invention of computers, many businesses have taken the leap thesis chapter 4 format implement automated systems as to maximize the productivity of their business in terms of efficiency, speed, accuracy and most importantly the long term cost. The proposed system will be a substantial improvement over the current system for agents such that all of their sales will be based on the scientific stages of the sales process.

Reporting the p value Most quantitative research in the behavioural and social sciences involve comparing two or more groups of individuals.

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The proponents recommend the proposed system be implemented by the managers, agents and staffs because it is more productive and more capable of delivering quality performance in sales. All these with the use of data gathering and statistical tools such as surveys and interviews, the researchers are able to determine the difference and measure the effectiveness of the existing and the proposed online system.

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